Welcome To Greenville

All around Greenville SC - from Simpsonville to Travelers Rest... Fountain Inn to Greer and in between! You'll find all Greenville homes for sale here.

Whether you are moving to the area, live here already, or you are thinking of adding property in the upstate to your portfolio, it's hard to find a better landing place than the upstate of South Carolina.


Today's market is shifting more towards buyers. However, the wonderful thing about housing is that prices have historically gone up and down, but always in a general upward shift overall. We all need somewhere to live! Says Lewis, "With mortgage rates at near all time lows and typically more homes to choose from for buyers, this is a perfect time to be purchasing real estate."


If you are interested in investments in the Upstate area, there are key search criteria you can use in this market to find properties that meet your goals. Our search model finds those elusive investment properties that other searches can gloss over.

Similar search models can be built when you are looking for a primary or vacation home. This, coupled with knowledge of neighborhoods and areas, can save you a lot of time and frustration, and lead to a much more civilized approach to finding a home.

We look forward to helping you with your property requirements and strive to provide a different experience for you in the real estate environment when you are checking out Greenville SC for your next home.